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Thought I would provide a short recap of this weekends (May 3, 4, and 5, 2002) PREMIER WAB Gaming Event....Call to Arms, Kansas City, WAB III. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was good to see several friends again, including Steve Gross, who I hadn't seen in years. My thanks to Brian Beal and his staff for providing an excellent venue for the tourney. And I wanted to especially thank Rick Nance and Borderland Game and Hobby for contributing very generous prizes for both the Warrior tourney and the WAB tourney. Friday evening we got together and indulged in some great KC Bar-B-Q, and KC's own Boulevard Beer. Sat around and talked wargaming, WAB, rules systems in general, Historicon, women (doesn't that always come up in a conversation with a bunch of socially depraved males?) history, and then went into the dealer room and came back much heavier in terms of lead, and much lighter in terms of moola. Got back to the tourney area, and set up a learning game of Terry Gore's Medireview Warfare with Doug Marston and Nate Barrick. It was a scaled down version of Clontarf pitting Sigtryyg's Norse Irish against Brain Boru's Irish. Meanwhile, Allen Devor and Tom Hamilton played a practice WAB game. Kelly Wilkinson, and Mark Duncan painted and kibbitzed. We had several people stop by and 'check us out', including Sean MacIntosh who joined in to game the next day. Seemed like attendance was way up from the BorderWars last October, but maybe that was just me. The tourney went very well. We played 3 rounds (Pitched Battle, Take and Hold, and Meeting Engagment). Scoring was per the NEWS system. I was only involved in a couple of interpretations, so all potential controversies were avoided. Thanks to Allen Devor who managed things while I played in the Fast Warrior touney. Results were: Steve Schifani Best General 38 Carthaginians Tom Hamilton 2nd Place 32 EIR Allen Devor 3rd Place 28 EIR Nate Barrick Sportsman Mongol Sean MacIntosh Best Presentation LIR (Western) Doug Marston decided to give everyone a break and left his Saxons at home, and instead brought Vikes. Thanks to the sponsors (Borderland Game and Hobby, Miniature Wargames Dot Com, George Knapp, and Time Portal Hobbies) for the generous prizes that were awarded. The next KC WAB event will be Border Wars '02 this October, so make your plans now. Photos to follow.

Dave Smith

Thanks for coming to Call to Arms!

It was a great turnout and some great games were put on, as usual.

We'll have more pictures in the weeks to come, but here are our two award winners:

Best Display
Bill Boyle & Troy Price's
Pea Ridge, 25mm

Most Historical
Bob Mueller & Greg McCall's
Battle for Tulgas: Blood on the River Dvina

Our theme, Russia, was heavily represented, with 23 games involving Russians. We hope our theme for BorderWars 2002, ITALY, draws as many.


El Dorado, KS

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