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Borderwars 2017
May 5-7 , 2017
Kansas City, KS

At the lovely Ramada Hotel


7240 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Overland Park, KS

Indoor pool & Free Wi-Fi!


Friday - 3PM-Midnight
Saturday - 8AM-Midnight
Sunday - 10AM-4PM

Convention theme:

The GREAT 1917-18 war

It was a good war, then WE showed up and made it GREAT!


Warhammer Ancient Battles



9:30am signup.

Tournament Director: Chris Southard

Get your 28mm ancient army out of moth balls, roll dice and to have a good time

Max points value of Army will be 2000 including the general. No named characters are allowed. All figures must be painted.

There will be three 2 hour rounds.

There will be a maximum of 12 participants. I will reserve slots based on the order in which I receive a valid army list.

Army lists must be mailed to the convention director by April 2017 so he can vet them against the appropriate supplement.

Check back later for more details on start times and PRIZES!!!

Borderwars is proud to again host the

Highlander CCG Regional Championships!

Highlander Tournaments

May 5 Friday

7pm Midwest Regional Type Two Lean & Mean Championship

May 6 Saturday

10am Midwest Regional Type Two Constructed Championship

2pm Midwest Regional Type One Constructed Championship

7pm Midwest Regional Cube Championship

PRIZES: Regional Championship Hilt cards

Tournament Director: Steve Rice

Nuclear War the Card Game Tournament

2pm Saturday May 6th

A comical cataclysmic card game for 2-6 players of all ages. A humorous confrontation between touchy world powers as each player attempts to sway his opponents' populations with diplomacy, propaganda, and finally nuclear weaponry. Little old ladies defect in electric cars and the dread SUPERGERM spreads devastation! Takes about 10 minutes to learn and about 30 minutes to play. Invented by Doug Malewicki in 1965 and published by Flying Buffalo, this game has remained popular for over 50 years.

3-4 rounds, depending on how many players.

Bring a copy of the game (Not the expansions) and you get to go first!

Standard Nuclear War deck. (maybe a few surprises)

Everyone who enters gets a Nuclear War expansion card!

Everyone who wins a game, gets a prize!

Everyone who blows up the world (TRIPLE THE YIELD!!!), gets a prize!

Tournament winner gets a BIG prize!

SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE: the 2016 Gen-Con Nuclear War TCG tournament winner.


Games at Borderwars 2017

Dates & Times Subject to Change (and how!)

Contact HAHMGS to put on a game at the show.

ACW, Napoleonic, WWII, WWI, 7YW, AWI, Steampunk, DBA & More!

All games and times subject to change. And how!


Doors open at 4pm

FRIDAY Evening

Day of Infamy - What If?
Period: WWI Naval
Scale: 1/2400
Players: 4-8
Length: 3-4 hours

Historically, Battleship Div 9 of the US Fleet arrived in the North Sea on December 7, 1917 as part of the US’ effort in the Great War. At Britain’s request, we sent coal-fired ships. What if the US chose to guarantee the oil supply and sent the 4 newest battlewagons (as they did a few months later)? Will 4 Pearl Harbor veterans have their first rendezvous with destiny 24 years earlier?

Presented by Roger Kruse

Spoleum Victrix!

Period: Ancient
Scale: 6mm
Players: 2-6
Length: 1-3 hours
Rules: FLAGG Ancients

Rome or Carthage will gain control of Spain in the hard fought battles of the Second Punic War. The game will be presented by the Ft. Leavenworth Area Gaming Group (FLAGG). The game will use the FLAGG ancients system with 6mm scale figure and feature a three dimensional game board utilizing Kallistra's hexon terrain.

Presented by John Gleason & FLAGG

ACW in the West 1861-1864 !

SCALE: 25mm
LENGTH: 2-4 hours (@ an hour per game)
RULES: One Hour wargames

Refight the battles of the Trans Mississippi, consecutively, come and go as one battle ends and the next begins.

CARTHAGE First battle of the war, fought 11 days before Bull Run.
WILSONS CREEK. Saved southern postion in MO , bloodiest battle of the war.
PEA RIDGE Gettysburg of the west
PRARIE GROVE Decisive battle of the theatre
MANSFIELD Battle in the pine barrens of LA..
And if the "sun of Austerlitz" shines WESTPORT.

Presented by Bill Boyle

Hucks Defeat, Iron Hill, and other skirmishes

Period: AWI
Scale: 25mm
Players: 2 to 8
Length: 30 min to 1.5 hours per game
Rules: Broadswords and Bullets rules with alterations

A series of small engagements of the American Revolution that had a major impact on the course of the war. In both the Southern and Northern Campaigns of 1777 through 1781.

Presented by Paul Gregorwich


Door opens at 8am

Saturday Morning

Kriegsspiel's Birth
Period: Napoleonic
Scale: 10mm
Length: 2-3 hours
Players: 4-10
Rules: Kriegsspiel (modified)

One of the byproducts of the Napoleonic Wars was the Wargame with the creation of the Prussian training game Kriegsspiel. Join us as we combine concepts from the original Kriegsspiel, which dates from 1811, with techniques of contemporary computer driven wargaming using the innovative Napoleonic Carnage and Glory II ruleset. Set somewhere in 1813 central Germany, elements of the reformed Prussian Army clash with that of the newly reconstituted post 1812 French Army during the War of the 6th Coalition. With an emphasis on realistic command and control, this game combines both old and new wargaming for a unique experience. Oftentimes umpires have more fun than the players! Participants of all ages welcomed with no knowledge of the rules needed.

Presented by: Mike Dunn

Taiping Rebellion
Period: mid 1800s
Scale: 25mm
Players: 2 to 6
Length: 2-3 hours

Rebel Taiping forces take on the Imperial Chinese army in an open field battle. Fight a battle from the Taiping Rebellion, the second largest war in history with casualties exceeding WW I.

Presented by Scott Hansen

Antietam: a gleam of bayonets.
Period: ACW
Scale: Boardgame
Players: 2 to 6
Length: 4-6+ hours
Rules: SPI Great Battles of the American Civil War

A regimental-level recreation of the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg. as a boardgame?!?! But aren't you supposed to use board game rules for miniatures? Well here's a twist on that old fashioned favorite, using the boardgame rules to play the boardgame! The old SPI company before they were bought out by TRS. Made a system called The great battles of the civil war. Those are easy to use in miniatures games. Gamers who play miniatures will have no problem. beginners may have a little harder time. Sit down and enjoy a simpler more relaxed time of gaming.

Presented by: Jerry Dau

War Rocket
Period: 2300 AD: the Atomic Age
Scale: Ship to Ship
Players 2-8
Length 2 hours
Rules: War Rocket

War Rocket is a fast-paced miniature space combat game set in the retro sci-fi future of the 24th century. The brave Galacteers fight to protect mankind from sinister alien forces. Will you command a fleet of Galecteer rockets or choose the forces of the domineering Valkeeri, the brutal Imperium of Marduk, or the enigmatic Zenithians?

Presented by: Robert Keefe

Saturday Afternoon

All Quiet on the Martian Front

Period: WWI-Martian Invasion
Scale: 15mm
Players: 6-8
Length: 4-5 hours
Rules: All Quiet on the Martian Front

The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

All Quiet on the Martian Front is a game with WWI-like weapons and Martian Advanced Technology, that breathes new life into the Classic Earth Invasion.

Set in the beginning of the second decade of the Twentieth Century. All Quiet on the Martian Front starts in an exciting time that’s filled with the smoke of countless factories creating the first tanks, automobiles, aeroplanes, lightning guns and more. Larger than life historical figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and many others lead the fight against the soulless Martian invaders.

Presented by Todd Carter & Scott Hansen

Battle of the Five Armies

Period: Middle Earth
Scale: 6mm
Players: 2-7
Length: 1-3 hours

Taken from the memoir The Hobbit: there and back again, by JRR Tolkien, this battle depicts the Goblins attempt to claim the treasure within Lonely Mountain. Pitted against the Golbins are the men of Lake Town, Wood Elves, and the Iron Hill Dwarves. Played in 6mm, 140 stands!

Immediately followed by Assault on Isengard

Presented by Mike Mccloud

Battle of Mobile Bay

ACW Naval /4-8 players

30 ships & two forts on the table. DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!!!

Presented by Harold Morgan


SCALE: 15mm
LENGTH: 2-4 hours
RULES: One Hour Wargames

Hindenburg & Ludendorff have just arrived to try to defend Prussia (which is nothing more than west Poland) from two Russian Armies.

A hopeless task. Just listen to the Russian plans. Broadcast in the clear over the new wireless telegraph. The German's haven't got a chance.

Presented by Bill Boyle

Assault on Isengard

Period: Middle Earth
Scale: 6mm
Players: 2-7
Length: 1-3 hours

From Tolkien's history, the forest Ents attack Isengard to achieve revenge for the Saruman's deforesting and army creation. Ents versus Golbins and Saruman. Magic will be used!

Immediately follows Battle of the Five Armies

Presented by Mike Mccloud

Saturday Evening

Battle of Belleau Wood

SCALE: 15mm
LENGTH: 2-4 hours
RULES: One Hour Wargames

On the evening of 1 June, 1918. German forces punched a hole in the French lines. In response, the U.S. reserve—Army and Marines, conducted a forced march to plug the gap in the line. This is the battle that resulted.

Presented by Bill Boyle

Twilight Struggle

PERIOD: Cold War
SCALE: Board Game
LENGTH: 2-4 hours
RULES: Twilight Struggle

The highest-ranked game on BoardGameGeek from December 2010 to January 2016!

Twilight Struggle is a game simulating the forty-five year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States. The entire world is the stage on which these two titans fight to make the world safe for their own ideologies and ways of life. The game begins amidst the ruins of Europe as the two new "superpowers" scramble over the wreckage of the Second World War, and ends???

Presented by Zachary Thorp

Date & Time TBA...

Leyte Gulf

WWII Naval / 3-4 players

Carrier air-strikes, Battleships-battling, Kamikazies, Submarines, day & night actions in the Phillipines using Lou Coatney's The greatest naval battle of ALL TIME!! rules.

Presented by Harold Morgan

Armegeddio 1918

Jutland: The Battlecruisers

The great war on Mars



Hey! The guys from RPGKC will have a bunch of them Euro-Games to play at the show. Check em out and get the details about the Mid-West Gamefest coming up in November!

And we'll have a passel of other boardgames for people to play, including:

  • Gangland; the card game
  • Nuclear War: the card game
  • Naval War: the card game
  • House Divided: GDW boardgame
  • All kindsa DORK games
  • Junta
  • Hacker

Doors open at 4pm Friday!



  • Good Old Weird Harold's Old Boardgames
  • IALLM Books
  • George Knapp
  • Buck-a-Fig
  • CFG Games Buying & Selling Warhammer & 40K armies!
  • and more to come!
    Contact HAHMGS to be a vendor at the show.

>>>Reserve your hotel room by April 20th!<<<

for Borderwars 2015

To make reservations call the Ramada Hotel, Overland Park, Kansas, directly at 913-262-3010.

Ramada offers:

· Large spacious King and Double rooms with flat screen TV, refrigerator and all the amenities of a 3 star hotel.

· Complimentary Hot/Cold Breakfast with fresh fruit

· Free Wi-Fi

· Free 24 Hour Fitness

· Large enclosed Courtyard with:

o Large Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

o Indoor Badminton Court

o Pool Table, Air-Hockey Table, and arcade

o Many areas to lounge in soft chairs and sofas to visit with family and friends outside of the sleeping room.




  • 1-Day Pass - $15.00
  • Weekend Pass - $25.00


  • 1-Day Pass - $10.00
  • Weekend Pass - $20.00



  • Weekend Pass - $20.00

Send check or money order payable to HAHMGS to:

PO Box 216
White City, KS  66872


Heart of America Miniature gaming Society (HAHMGS) is a not for profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri. The purpose of this society is to promote historical gaming in miniature and the study of military history. Towards this goal we maintain this website and sponsor the Borderwars Game convention.


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